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Does Your Car Need Wheel Alignment? 3 Signs To Observe

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Your vehicle's tires need to be well aligned for you to drive safely and effectively. However, over time, they can be pushed out of their normal position. This may be due to a sudden impact, for example, when you hit a pothole or drive too fast over a bump. It can also be caused by an accident or a loose or worn-out suspension system. 

Some car revamping procedures, such as lifting, can cause bad wheel alignment. This is because the manufacturer designed your vehicle's suspension to work at its original height. Therefore, if you lift your car but fail to adjust the suspension system, your wheels may get out of alignment over time. Luckily, you can solve this problem with professional help. Here are three signs you need a wheel alignment

1. Vehicle Pulling to One Side

If you have to hold your steering wheel tightly to keep the car on one side of the road, the chances are that your wheels are misaligned. You may also notice that you sometimes have to steer the vehicle in the opposite direction to drive straight. However, if this happens to you on particular routes only and the drift is slight, that road may be sloped. But if it's repetitive and intense in all streets, you need to get a wheel alignment service.

2. Uneven Tire Wear

If the treads on one of your tires are wearing faster than others, you may be struggling with wheel misalignment. It is vital to measure your tread depth regularly to notice slight changes sooner. A tread depth meter is the best tool to use because it offers accurate results. If your wheels don't have the same rubber depth, they are likely to be misaligned, and you need wheel alignment services.

4. Steering Wheel Issues

Misaligned wheels can cause steering wheel issues. First, it can make the wheel loose and pose safety risks since it affects your ability to control your vehicle. For instance, the steering wheel may delay responding when you turn, increasing the risk of accidents. Additionally, when wheels are positioned incorrectly, they can cause the steering wheel to shake and vibrate, which can be uncomfortable. You may notice noises from the steering wheel. 

Fortunately, a wheel alignment service can solve these problems. The expert will also inspect your steering wheel to fix any other underlying cause. 

Wheel misalignment is a problem that most drivers face, but they only discover it when it has caused significant damages. If you spot any of these warning signs, you should get a wheel alignment service right away.