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4 Ways Diesel Trucks Are Better Than Gasoline Trucks for Commercial Drivers

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If you're comparing gasoline powered trucks to diesel, you'll no doubt find a number of differences. But diesel trucks have a few key advantages over gasoline, and when it comes to hunting down the perfect commercial truck for your business, understanding how those differences can affect you is crucial before making a purchase. Here are four areas in which diesel wins over gasoline.

More Torque

For most of those shopping for a commercial truck, finding one with speed is rarely a priority. More than likely, it needs to be able to pull heavy loads from point A to point B. This is where torque comes into play.

Simply defined, torque is the rotational force of an engine, or how much force it can exert. A diesel engine has its highest torque at lower speeds. This is what puts a diesel truck in the league with the big dogs, allowing it to tow heavy objects such as semi trucks, boats, trailers, farming equipment, school buses, and cranes uphill without so much as breaking a sweat. So if you're in the market for a heavy duty truck with a large tow capacity, diesel wins hands down.

Better Gas Mileage

One of the most fundamental aspects of running a successful business is saving money where you can in order to increase profit margins. So anything you can do to make your business flow with fewer expenses will be seen as an advantage. This is great news for the diesel truck owner.

It used to be that diesel prices ran considerably cheaper than regular gasoline. But times have changed, and that no longer holds true. In many parts of the country, you'll be able to take advantage of a comparable price, but if not, don't despair because you'll win in the gas mileage department, and here's why.

Diesel fuel contains more energy than regular gasoline. This is because it's heavier and evaporates more slowly. So as a result, you can expect your diesel truck to go anywhere from 20%-35% farther than its gasoline powered equivalent. For a real world comparison, consider this: a gasoline truck that travels 23 miles on one gallon of gas will be left behind by a diesel truck that will travel up to 31 miles on the same gallon of diesel. And some experts tout that diesel truck drivers should be able to attain up to 60% more MPG. So if you don't see an initial savings at the pump, you'll benefit down the road, literally, when you have to pump less often. 

Less Frequent Maintenance

The trouble of maintaining a commercial truck will be a consideration, no matter what kind you buy. But here's another area where diesel wins over gasoline. As mentioned previously, diesel fuel is heavier than gasoline. It's also oily, and it's this very oil that coats the parts of the engine, increasing the durability and saving you trips to the mechanic.

Additionally, diesel engines don't have an ignition system or utilize spark plugs, which is a major maintenance issue in most any gasoline car or truck. So tune-ups won't even be required. 

Thirdly, when diesel fuel is burned, it's less corrosive than gasoline. And as you may have guessed, this will keep your exhaust system intact that much longer.

Greater Longevity

Expect your diesel truck engine to last longer than a gas fueled truck for several reasons.

First of all, the action of the mechanical parts rubbing together and creating friction is a major player in the reduction of an engine's life. But because diesel engines work at lower speeds, there isn't as much friction against the piston rings, bearings, cylinder walls, and so forth. This means less wear and tear on your vehicle.

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